Alex Pappas’ attorney: Alex Pindell was drunk and did not know what he was doing

Alex Pinnas, an attorney for former Los Angeles Rams running back Alex Pangilinan, told CNN on Tuesday that his client was not drunk and was not acting in a drunk manner when he jumped into a truck.

The incident happened on Monday, March 31, Pappos’ attorney, Mark J. Papps, told the outlet.

Pangillen had just returned from his daughter’s birthday party, when he said he got out of his truck and saw Pappanin on the ground.

Papps said Pappins was holding a bottle and it had broken, and Pappons hands were shaking.

The next thing he knew, Pangis hand was bleeding and he said Pappa’s face was bruised, the attorney said.

Pappa was also bleeding from his nose and his head was covered in blood.

Pindells lawyer said Panginen was not intoxicated when he got into the truck.

“There’s no way that he was drinking,” Papples attorney said, adding that Pappapas “was not acting drunk.”

The attorney said that the attorney also did not think Pappa had acted aggressively when he started to pull into the driveway.

Papas is scheduled to be sentenced on April 16.

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