What’s the deal with the judge kids?

The judge kids have a contract to be on the show, and it was recently announced that they will be the main characters of season three. 

But is the show going to have enough time to make the best show it can, and can it handle the demands of having so many characters?

The show is going to need to create a storyline around the children, with a lot of the drama coming from them. 

It was revealed that the showrunners are trying to find some kind of backstory to these kids. 

“There’s been a lot more questions about how they’re going to interact with the rest of the world, and how much of the show is actually going to be about them, and whether we’re going for that sort of narrative arc or not,” executive producer Chris Pramas told EW. 

That means they’re looking for something a little more organic, something that lets the kids have some agency in the show.

“It’s hard to say,” Pramos added.

“It’s something that we’ve talked about before.

We’re always looking for new and creative ways to bring the children to life.

There’s something about them that’s very vulnerable.

I think it’s something we need to do with the characters that we’re dealing with in season three.””

The Judge Kids” is the third season of The Amazing Race, which premieres on January 22. 

[Image via The Amazing Auctions]

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