Which judge in Ontario is getting the best ticket?

The top court of Ontario will hear arguments in a case that could decide whether the province can require some judges to get a ticket before being able to bench them.

Ontario Court Justice Judy Garland has a chance to decide whether to hear the appeal on Friday, after she and a panel of lawyers and other experts made a recommendation to the court that the province make the tickets mandatory for judges to bench.

Garland’s case is set to be heard in June.

The judge has been ordered to deliver a decision by the court’s chief justice by June 8.

In the meantime, a motion is pending in the court to have Garland removed from the bench, and to compel her to appear and defend herself.

The motion, which was filed by lawyers for the Ontario Bar Association and Justice Marc Nadon, says Garland’s position as a member of the Supreme Court of Canada “violates the rule of separation of powers.”

It says Garland, who is appointed to the Ontario Court of Appeal, has the power to make a decision about whether a case should be heard or not and that she has shown that she does not follow the rule.

“It is clear that the Supreme Judicial Court is not a ‘court of record,'” the motion said.

“It is a court that hears and decides matters.”

The Supreme Court ruled in 2013 that judges have the authority to appoint and dismiss their own bench, which is why the Supreme is in the role of the “court of law.”

But the Supreme has not had any say over which courts the justices sit on.

Justice Garland was elected to the bench in 2006, following a brief stint as the provincial court justice for the Toronto area.

She was appointed to fill the vacancy created when the retirement of the late Justice Ian Stewart ended his term of office.

Justice Nadon has been appointed to Garland’s court after the Supreme court ruled in 2012 that a judge cannot be removed from a bench until he or she has been present at a hearing.

In 2013, Justice Garland wrote a unanimous majority decision that said the Supreme’s role is “a court of record, with a single seat on the bench.”

“The Supreme’s decision to have a seat on a bench is not intended to replace the judicial functions of the provincial courts,” Justice Garland said.

“The court’s function is to make decisions for all members of the court, including the judge.”

“Its purpose is to be a court of law, not to replace a judge,” Justice Nadon wrote.

“The court of justice is a judicial branch of government, not a court.

Its sole purpose is the protection of justice.

Its functions are to hear and determine the law and to declare, in accordance with the law, the law’s meaning.”

In the case of the Superior Court of Justice, which includes the Ontario Superior Court, Justice Alison LeBaron wrote that the decision by Garland to retire was not “a decision of this court.”

She said the court has jurisdiction to hear all appeals of the province’s decision in the Superior Courts of Justice.

The Supreme is now scheduled to hear arguments on Friday.

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