How to spot a judge with a hot bench

Judges are notorious for having hot benches, and this one might just be the hottest on the bench.

The bench is the main gathering spot for judges, and its not unusual for judges to have up to seven or eight people sitting around them.

Judges are usually busy in their day jobs, but their evenings are busy too.

It’s common for judges’ wives to spend the night at their jobs, so they have to sit at home and watch TV, read, and do their own laundry.

Sometimes the bench becomes a gathering spot, too, as when a judge in Washington County, Alabama, took his wife to the movies, but he also invited his mother, a judge, to sit on the same bench as him.

It could be that the judges’ families have a hot seat at the table, as they do when the children come to court.

Judge Joseph Sasso of Harris County, which is located in northern Alabama, has a hot chair.

Sasso’s wife, Jill, is a judge.

Sometime during the summer, she and Sasso get together to watch the local football game on a TV screen in the living room.

Jill is a former football player.

She often does housework for her husband, and it was common for her to do laundry while her husband worked.

In the morning, Jill would often go out to the grocery store to pick up items, or she would go shopping with her kids.

She also often goes shopping for groceries.

One time, she was shopping at the supermarket when a friend of hers asked if she wanted to help him clean up some trash.

Jill and her husband decided to do that.

Jill was also a fan of the local sports team, the Harris Football Club.

Jill, a former cheerleader, said she used to spend a lot of time playing football.

She liked the team’s mascot, Captain Hammer, and she always thought he was a cute little guy.

Jill also said she liked to cook for her children, especially her oldest daughter, Grace.

Jill had already made it clear to her husband that she was not interested in going to the court for a trial on a new case that she had been assigned to handle.

When Jill was asked by the judge if she was willing to take a bench trial, she declined to do it.

But Sasso knew she was a talented judge, so he said, “Fine.

You’ll have to do a bench hearing.”

Jill then sat down in the front row and listened to her lawyer explain her position on the case.

Jill said she had made the same decision on several other occasions in the past.

When Sasso asked her if she could make a bench recommendation, she responded, “Yes, I’ll make a recommendation.”

Sasso then proceeded to ask her several questions about the case, including whether she had heard about the defendant’s previous convictions.

Jill told him she had not, and Sasseo continued.

He then asked her what she thought of her chances of winning the case against the defendant.

Jill did not answer.

Sasseos next question was about her age.

She was about 50 years old, and he asked her, “Have you ever been in jail?”

Jill replied, “No, sir, never.”

Sassees next question asked her about the number of children she had, and Jill answered that she did not have any.

Sassos next questions were about her appearance, and the judge asked Jill if she had ever used makeup or had ever been out in public.

Jill answered, “I don’t use makeup, sir.”

Sasso then asked Jill whether she would like to attend a funeral.

Jill responded, “‘Yes, sir.'”

The judge asked her how old she was.

Jill replied that she felt that she could not answer that question.

Sasses next question about her finances asked her whether she ever received an award for her work.

Jill again did not respond.

Sassing then asked whether she could recommend a judge for a bench.

Jill finally said that she would be happy to do so.

Sisso then questioned Jill about whether she used drugs, which she had never done, but Jill was reluctant to answer.

She said that sometimes she was on drugs and sometimes she didn’t.

Sassy then asked if Jill had ever smoked marijuana.

Jill declined to answer that.

SASSO then asked, “Has she ever been charged with a felony?”

Jill responded that she has never been charged.

Sssos next questioning was about whether Jill had done any drugs in the last month.

Jill then responded, ‘Yes, Sir.’

Ssso then said, ‘Then how long have you been using marijuana?’

Jill said that it was three years ago, that she used it to treat depression and anxiety, and that she hadn’t smoked marijuana in two years.

SSSO then suggested that Jill use some of the money she had earned

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