Why the GOP is pushing for an anti-Donald Trump Justice nominee

When the Donald Trump campaign announced that it was going to name Steve Morgan to a federal bench in Washington, D.C., the Republican party quickly condemned the move.

But then Republican Senators Chuck Grassley and John Barrasso decided to put the nomination on hold for another week, claiming that it could “cause significant damage” to the GOP’s image.

The Trump campaign, however, has a plan to fix the mess that this nomination could create.

The GOP is going to nominate a justice who is not a member of the Trump administration.

They are going to put Steve Morgans nomination on the calendar.

They want to see if there are some sort of consensus or if there is a way to make sure that we are nominating the right nominee for this case.

Senator Barrasso went further, saying that if there was any kind of consensus that we can find a way around, we would be prepared to change the nominee and move forward. 

“There is no question about the legitimacy of his nomination,” Senator Barrass told reporters on Monday.

“I believe that he is a man of integrity, he is well-respected in his own party, he has a record of public service.

And we can’t have him as a nominee.

There’s a whole other nominee out there who I think would be better suited for the job.”

 That nominee is Steven Morgan, a judge who has never held office.

He is currently serving on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, which covers Washington, DC, and the Eastern District of Virginia.

Morgan is one of just three judges on the court, which has jurisdiction over the Eastern and Western Districts of Virginia, Virginia, and Northern Virginia.

He was appointed to the bench by President George W. Bush in 2001, and since his appointment has served as a judge on the D.S., U.C.V., and U.P.

S courts.

Morgan is a Republican, but the GOP has made him a target because of his record of support for the President and his views on immigration.

In 2010, the Judiciary Committee held a hearing to discuss Morgan’s judicial record.

During that hearing, he stated that the Supreme Court should be “the last court in America that has a majority of justices who think that the Constitution is not really a democracy,” and argued that “our Constitution is basically a dictatorship” because “we have elected judges who don’t respect the Constitution.” 

“I believe in our constitution,” he added.

“That’s why I am a supporter of Donald Trump.”

In 2016, Morgan authored a book titled,  A Man for All Seasons: The Life of Steve Morigan , which argued that the Founding Fathers created the U and P courts because they wanted to “restore the American system of government, not destroy it.”

In the book, Morgants book is labeled as “Conservative Justice,” and it is titled  “In Defense of the Constitution: A Pro-Constitution Perspective.”

In it, he writes, “I am a Republican because I believe that the American Constitution is the best and most perfect of any constitutional system ever devised.

The American Republic is the only system that has always been founded upon the principle that the people have the right to govern themselves.”

Morgan has also defended President Trump on the campaign trail.

In June, the Republican nominee made a point of defending Morgan on national television, calling him “a true constitutionalist.” 

A Justice for America: A Conservative Agenda for Justice in the Age of Trump, published by Judicial Crisis Network, comes out today. 

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Books.

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