Dad Judge rules ‘no mask’ rule on masked singer judges

The father of a court-appointed singer judge in the western Indian state of Gujarat has ruled that his son cannot wear a mask in court because he has a disability.

In a statement on Friday, the father, A Rajesh Raja, said that his eight-year-old son is disabled and cannot go to court, but he is allowed to wear a headscarf or kurta.

His son, a member of the Bajrang Dal (BJP), has been in court for several months for a case in which he was charged with assaulting two people.

The court, however, said the son could not wear a face covering.

The case has been brought by Bajang Dal chief Sajanand Gajapathi Raju, who is challenging the court order for a mask.

Raja’s son was arrested and booked for assaulting two men.

He has been accused of assault and criminal intimidation on two other people in the past.

The Bajanad Dal has filed a bail application.

The father said that the court did not give the right to the son to wear the mask.

“The court order does not give me any freedom,” Raja said.

“He can go to the court, if he wants, but we are not allowed to take him to court.”

The judge also said that when the Bijli court has to hear a case, he will be wearing a mask but the court will not be allowed to ask for one.

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