Why the judge’s guns are a ‘must have’

An Aussie judge is not averse to guns in his courtroom, but it’s the judge himself that is particularly fond of the Colt revolver.

The Australian Financial Reporter has learned the firearm, which is based on the A&R Colt Model 1894, has been given to Aaronson judge and mother-of-two Alynne Gabbard.

The judge is also the father of four children.

Aaron Gabbards father, Judge Alynn Gabbars, said she had always wanted her daughter to have a firearm, but had been hesitant because it was expensive and would be a big “ticket item”.

“It’s something that I’ve always wanted,” she said.

“It’ll be something I’ll probably put in my bag, so I’ll be able to show it to friends when I’m out.”

The gun has been in Judge Gabbes family since her father’s death in 2004, when he was just 28 years old.

The Judge has previously owned a Colt 1911 and was in the process of buying a new firearm when he met a young woman who was looking for a gun.

“She’s been in touch with me and she said she liked the gun and wanted to buy it,” Judge Gabbit said.

Judge Gabbarg’s mother, Alyngabb, said the Colt was a “must have” for the judge.

“The Judge was looking to buy a Colt when he had his son,” she told the Reporter.

“I had to look around and ask my husband what was the best pistol for him, and the Colt came up.”

We went out to a range and the gun was there and he went and bought it, so he was very happy.

“Judge Gabbit’s son has since had his first shot with the Colt.”

My son has been shooting and he loves it, it’s very comfortable and very powerful,” she explained.”

When he got his first pistol, he was like, ‘this is amazing’.

“It does sound really powerful, it feels like you’re shooting with the trigger.”

There’s also the safety and the safety lever, and you just have to pull the lever to fire.

“He’s had a couple of shots, and it’s so powerful, so we’re really happy with it.”

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