‘The Judge’ and ‘The Librarian’ Stars Share Their Favorite ‘Judge’ Moments

Judge Judy is back, and she’s giving us her favorite episodes.

In honor of Judge Judy’s 75th birthday, we have selected some of the best moments from the show.



When Judy was pregnant with her third child, her doctor told her she needed to have an ultrasound before her pregnancy even started.

Judy was skeptical at first, but when the ultrasound showed that the baby was indeed healthy and breathing, she decided to go ahead with the procedure.


The second season of ‘The Jugger” aired on Jan. 31, 2003.

A few weeks later, a woman walking her dog had to call the police because of an odor that she believed was a urine stain on her pants.

She called the cops and called Judy to explain what was happening, and they had a tense exchange where the woman said, “I thought I was doing a good thing by putting my dog in the water.”

Judy, being a judge, didn’t buy it, but Judy let her know she’d get over it. 3.

When the show was airing on ABC on Feb. 6, 2000, a group of kids who’d been kicked out of their schools after an altercation with a group home leader showed up to a party to get some food.

When it became clear the food was contaminated, a man named John Jones was arrested for assault and battery.

When he was finally found, he had a history of mental illness and was a dangerous person to be around.

He was charged with aggravated assault and possession of a controlled substance.


When she was pregnant again in 2001, Judy was still trying to sort out whether or not she wanted to give birth to her third baby.

She and her doctor had been trying to conceive, but they’d been told that if they tried to conceive with their son they’d die.

When they asked Judy’s doctor if he could help them get a termination, she said, I can’t take my child to the doctor and say, ‘This is not safe.

I can only take it in the clinic,’ but I’m going to be dead before I get it done.


When a family from another state called to complain about a local television station airing a segment about a doctor who used a drug called diazepam.

The doctor who had been arrested was a licensed clinical psychologist who was in his mid-30s.

His license was revoked and he was placed on probation for 10 years.

After he was released from prison, he got back on TV and became a talk show host.


Judy is currently the host of the hit Fox sitcom, ‘The Jury.’

The show was created by Jeff Probst, and the judges have all worked on the show for years.

The show premiered on Feb, 3, 2017.

The jurors, Judy, and her husband, Jim, are currently sitting on a jury that’s looking into a wrongful death lawsuit brought by a family that died from botulism, a rare neurological disorder.

The family members’ home was built in an abandoned building in the mid-’90s and the home was in foreclosure.

The judge is looking into whether or the house should be demolished, which would be the final step before the family is able to sell the property.


During a segment for the ‘Judge Judy’ podcast, Jim and Judy shared some of their favorite Judge Judy moments.

In a scene from season five, the two of them are having a drink in the restaurant when they find a bag of candy.

They decide to take a bite and Judy says, “There’s just something about these candy bags.”

The other judges laugh and say that’s the funniest gag they’ve ever heard.


Judy also did a segment on the hit podcast, ‘WGN America Presents,’ during the first week of February.

When we asked her to tell us the most memorable Judge Judy moment she’s ever had, she mentioned when she was watching the ‘WGNT Presents’ finale episode.

After she got her revenge on a judge who’d gotten caught up in a case of cheating, Judy says she’d seen the judge on TV.

The next day, he’s sitting on the dais of the courthouse watching the verdict and he’s like, “You know, I had a really good day.”

Judy said, He was like, ‘Oh, that was fun.

That was great.

Thank you for watching.

You’re my favorite judge.

Thanks for doing the job.'”


Judy made headlines in 2004 when she appeared on “The View.”

During the segment, she was asked about her time as a judge and she had some words of advice for those who don’t get it.

“If you want to get a job, do what I do,” she said.

“I get a paycheck, I get a phone call, I have a phone conversation with a woman, and I go to

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