What you need to know about the judge who ruled the 2016 election for Donald Trump

The judge who won the 2016 presidential election for President Donald Trump is now suing the man who voted for him, alleging the 2016 vote was stolen.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh has accused the man he defeated in the 2016 race, Republican nominee Mike Pence, of stealing the election and making up evidence to make his case.

In a new lawsuit filed Monday, Kavanaugh said the man, identified as Michael Sater, has “intimidated” him in the courtroom for years and that the judge “totally disregarded the law of the land, his oath of office, and the rule of law.”

“Pence has made a mockery of the Constitution,” Kavanaugh wrote in his lawsuit, which was filed in California.

“Possible actions to challenge the integrity of the election process by the defendant, Mr. Sater have included: (1) threatening to use the court’s judgment against the Defendant if he does not accept the court order to return to the United States; (2) interfering with Plaintiffs ability to conduct their duties as a judge of the courts; and (3) attempting to use a legal system that the defendant does not recognize as fair and just.”

Judge Brett R. Kavanaugh, the first judge on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, said he would not comment on pending litigation.

But he said the judge would “speak out on behalf of all of the citizens who have lost faith in our democratic process.”

He said, “It’s time for our country to return control of our elections to the people.”

Pence and his lawyers said the allegations are baseless and that Kavanaugh has a right to challenge Sater.

The lawsuit says the election results were certified by the Supreme Court in May, which means Pence won the election in a court of law.

It also says the court has never declared a winner in a presidential election.

The election was called because Pence lost the popular vote to Trump by about 2.5 million votes.

He claimed victory, but the Supreme Judicial Court ruled in December that the election was tainted because of irregularities in the state’s voting systems.

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