What the Food Network Should Know About Its Top Chef Judges

In an interview with New York magazine’s Style, host Jerry Springer revealed that the network has decided to start airing the first round of judging in Top Chef since the network suspended its judging program last year. 

Springer said that he was aware that there were some concerns from the judges’ camp about the way the network chose to handle the judging process. 

“But I also felt like we had a responsibility to give them an honest, fair opportunity,” Springer told the magazine. 

He went on to say that he “never would have believed” that the judges would be the only ones allowed to run through the show, but that he now believes that this is the right decision. 

The decision to have judges run through Top Chef was controversial and caused controversy for the show’s host, who said in September that he believed the judges were “stealing” the show from him. 

Despite the backlash, Springer said he is proud of the judges and said he felt they were given an opportunity to present their own personal perspectives and experiences as they were judged. 

According to Springer, the judges themselves have been impressed by the show. 

“They’ve been impressed, too,” he told the Magazine. 

While the judges are being allowed to have a voice, Springar said they will also be able to “bring their own expertise to the table.” 

The first round is scheduled to air on the Food Channel on March 23 at 8 p.m.


 (Image via: CBS) This article was originally published by  The Daily Meal

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