How to make sure you’re not a target for ‘militia’ at a judge’s court

An Australian judge who was found to have had an arsenal of firearms has been found not guilty of any crimes.

The judge, Michael Flynn, had previously denied possession of firearms at his Sydney court, which he had been overseeing since 2010.

He was convicted of possessing a firearm in September this year, which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ jail.

A third judge, Paul Williams, was acquitted of an alleged firearms offence in May, but has been charged with an alleged offence in relation to the gun he had at his disposal.

The magistrate who oversaw the trial, Michael Molloy, said there was no evidence the weapons were used in any crimes, but he was not satisfied with the case’s evidence.

“There was no credible evidence to support the allegation of a weapon being used,” he told the ABC’s The World Tonight program.

He said he was also not satisfied that the defendant could be found guilty on the basis of a “reasonable doubt” which the prosecution sought to introduce at the trial.

The case attracted global attention when the ABC revealed that the judge had had a range of weapons, including handguns, shotguns and machine guns, including a Colt .40-06 revolver.

The court had previously received a series of complaints that Mr Flynn’s behaviour was not professional, with the ABC reporting that he had admitted to having guns on the premises and that he “wanted to kill people”.

Mr Flynn is the second judge in Australia to be found not to have possessed firearms in recent years.

In September 2016, the New South Wales High Court found another judge not guilty on an allegation of possessing firearms.

The NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption also said in February this year that a judge in Queensland had been found guilty of possessing two firearms, including an AR-15 assault rifle.

The New South Welsh government announced in March this year it would not be renewing a licence for a judge to work in Australia, despite an investigation into a number of allegations of misconduct by judges in that state.

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