Which Federal Judges Should You Trust?

By Mark SissonFederal Judge Mark Sully is a frequent contributor to the Agence France-Presse newspaper.

In March 2018, he became the first federal judge to be shot dead since a spate of deadly incidents in the United States.

He was shot in the head at his home on May 6, 2018, during an argument over a child custody dispute. 

The case has sparked national debate over gun control, which is still a contentious issue in India. 

Mr Sully had defended the rights of two Indian men who were charged with murder and arson for the death of a local youth who was accused of stealing their bicycle.

The accused were found guilty of manslaughter.

Mr Sulli was also among the court staff to hear arguments over the fate of a teenager who had been charged with raping and beating another girl.

The young man, who was 15 years old at the time, was arrested in the attack.

The case has since been reopened and the teenager has now been charged for his role in the incident.

India’s Supreme Court had earlier ruled that it was inappropriate to take life, even by shooting, in such circumstances.

It also said it would not interfere in a court proceeding unless a criminal trial was underway.

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