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The father-son duo behind the popular comic book movie Dredd, Aaron Judge and Mychal Judge, are both in the process of making a TV series.

Judge, who is also in the midst of his own show, Dredd 2, is a writer on the upcoming CBS drama The Odd Couple, while Judge is directing the pilot for the first season of The Odd Guys, which is being produced by Warner Bros. The series will be produced by Judge’s wife, Sarah, and starring Michael Ian Black, J.K. Simmons, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sam Shepard and John C. Reilly.

The Odd Guy is being co-created by Judge, Judge and Black.

In the comics, Judge is an assassin who specializes in using deadly physical force against criminals.

Judge and Judge were both involved in the writing and the writing was done by Judge himself.

Aaron and Mychal are both the creators of The Judge Show, a popular late-night talk show on ABC.

They are also co-creators of the critically acclaimed television show Dredd.

Judge has been in talks with Warner Bros., which has also been negotiating with a number of other potential network and cable television partners.

The Judge show will be a limited series with no upfront payment.

Judge’s first major TV project was the 2013 movie The Hangover.

Judge is also working on a sequel to his hit TV show, The Judge and the Gang, which has been renewed for a third season.

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