Tamra Judge’s naked photos ‘an embarrassment’

Tamra is the first female judge to be charged with indecent exposure.

She will appear before the magistrates court in Perth on Tuesday, where she will face the charges.

Judge Tamra has been charged with two counts of indecent exposure after images of her on a computer went viral.

Tamra’s lawyer told reporters she was ‘a little shocked’ and said she hoped her trial would ‘not go down in history as a turning point in Australian public debate about women in public office’.

The judge was pictured in a jail cell at Perth Magistrates Court last month.

Tamra will appear in court for a hearing on Tuesday.

“I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever experienced in my entire life,” Tamra said.

“I’ve had to work on my craft over the years to become a better judge.

There was a time when I was quite good at this.

Now it’s just something that I’ve had a little more of a go at.

I feel a little embarrassed about it, but I’ve done it before.”

Tamras lawyer, Paul Sturgis, said he had ‘no doubt’ the judge would be acquitted.

‘There are still lots of people who think this is a good thing’ ‘A little bit sad, but not surprised’: Judge Tamras lawyer Paul Sturdis The first female Australian judge to face charges was Tamra, who is also the daughter of former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke and has served as an assistant judge since 2011.

In 2012, Tamra was charged with indecency with a child, but was acquitted on the grounds that the child was under 12 at the time.

At the time, the judge told reporters: “There are no limits to what I can do and there’s no limits on what I will do.”

Judge Tamra also appeared in court last month, after she was arrested by police for allegedly having inappropriate conversations with an 11-year-old boy.

The alleged incident occurred in the early hours of November 7 last year, when the boy was walking home from a playground with a friend, according to a statement from the police.

He was detained at the scene by police.

Tamras father, Kevin Sturgises, told the ABC he was not aware of the charges against his daughter, who has not yet been charged.

“(Tamra) had a lot of friends that were her age and I was shocked to hear that she had made that arrest.

She is a wonderful person and I’m not surprised,” Mr Sturgides said.

Earlier this year, Tamras partner, Lisa, also faced allegations of indecent assault after being arrested in a public toilet.

Both women denied the charges, but Lisa was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison.

Australian politicians have reacted with outrage at the alleged incident.

Former prime minister Bob Hawkes said he ‘loved’ the former judge, while former treasurer Joe Hockey tweeted: “Tamra Tamra.

The worst thing that ever happened to a woman in Australia.”

Former prime minister Joe Hockey (@JoeHockeyMP) December 21, 2017 Former Australian Labor leader and Prime Minister Tony Abbott tweeted: I am absolutely shocked and appalled at the behaviour of the woman who was arrested yesterday, and I know I am.

I am deeply disappointed by her behaviour and by the allegations she has made.

Victoria’s attorney-general, Michael Ferguson, has also accused the woman of a ‘very serious offence’.

“These are serious allegations and the police should now act swiftly to ensure that these are investigated and brought to justice,” he said in a statement.

Former Labor leader, Bob Hawks, has called for Tamra Tamras prosecution to be dropped.

(AP: Peter Braig)Australian Labor leader Bob Haws, who was part of the Labor government that appointed Tamras, said the incident ‘shouldn’t happen’.

In a statement to the ABC, Haws said he “never in my life would have imagined that this woman would be the prime minister”.

“There are so many good things that can be done when a young woman takes charge of the role of a judge in a democracy,” Haws added.

Meanwhile, former Victorian premier Mike Baird, who also served as deputy prime minister, said it was ‘not an issue’ that Tamras was the first woman to be arrested.

“[Tamra] is not a racist,” Baird told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. ABC/AP

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