‘MTV2’ judge esthers salas: ‘I’m just a person’

When a judge is sitting at a judge’s bench, she can’t be as judgmental as a jury.

A judge’s job is to make the best decision possible for the people of this state and her own rights.

But in her job, she is expected to make decisions on behalf of the people who live here.

The people of California are entitled to expect a fair and impartial trial.

The state’s highest court, the United States Supreme Court, has held that if the court can’t decide a case, it can’t give a fair trial.

For the state of California, that means judges must be impartial and respectful of the rights of the accused.

But some judges do judge differently than others.

A recent survey of California judges revealed that a majority of judges felt that women and minorities were more likely to be victims of crime, and that women who were victims of domestic violence were more inclined to be sentenced to prison.

In addition, judges were less likely to convict people on their own or in a case that involved a witness.

Judge Thomas Alva Mendoza, who is now the Chief Judge of the California Court of Appeal, has been criticized for these comments.

When a woman is in custody, Mendoja is expected, she should give the accused a chance to testify.

That’s why he has to take the stand to defend himself against charges that he failed to provide a fair hearing.

Mendojo says his actions were in line with the judge’s “duty to protect the community.”

He has also apologized to the woman, and will not be doing any new trial for the woman in this case.

Mendos’ statement does not address the issue of bias in his courtroom, but rather the way that he views the justice system.

When we hear about bias in our justice system, the first thing that comes to mind is, “Oh, it’s so biased that they can’t even get it right.”

But I don’t think that’s the case.

I think we’ve always had this bias, this system of judges and lawyers that, if they were to do the right thing, they would make sure that justice was done.

And I think that that’s been true throughout our judicial system, from the earliest days of the American legal system to the present day.

And we’ve been able to move forward because of the fact that we have strong institutions that can hold people accountable for their own wrongdoings.

In a recent interview with CNN, Mendos said that he doesn’t think judges are biased because of their personal relationships with their clients, but because they see the criminal justice system as an institution.

It’s also worth noting that, according to a recent survey conducted by the Los Angeles Police Department, only 11 percent of California law enforcement officers felt that their interactions with people accused of a crime were biased.

The majority of law enforcement officials said that they would be biased against people accused by police if they could.

In the case of Judge Mendoz, his actions could be considered discriminatory and he could face charges that could be detrimental to his professional reputation.

He could be facing discipline for making remarks that could negatively affect his standing in the legal profession.

And it could also have an impact on his ability to get his job back.

The American Bar Association has called for reforms to the judicial system.

In 2014, the organization released the “Judges for Fairness: A Guide for American Judges” to help judges better understand the way in which the justice systems work.

It outlines the principles that are used in deciding cases and how the system can work to protect all people from discrimination.

The ABA’s guidance states that judges must use objective criteria when making their decisions, and can only do so if the evidence is “objective, clear, and convincing.”

However, the ABA warns judges that there are exceptions to these rules, such as when it is “in the best interest of justice,” “a matter of life or death,” or when it “is not in the best interests of the defendant or the public.”

The group also urges judges to respect the right to be free from discrimination, and to consider the feelings of all parties involved in the trial.

“The ABA recommends that judges exercise due diligence to ensure that they do not use the impartiality of the legal system as a shield against the challenges of racial or gender bias in the court,” the group said.

However, some judges have also taken to social media to make statements that are inconsistent with the American Bar Foundation’s guidelines.

When California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced plans to introduce legislation in March that would eliminate the use of bias and bias-motivated jury nullification laws, a judge wrote in an email to supporters that Becerras bill would “impose no penalties on anyone for any conduct or violation of any law.”

But Judge Mendoz was not aware of Becerres bill, which would have required the California Supreme Court to issue a ruling overturning the conviction of

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