The Judge: Jerry is the ultimate JAWS villain

The Jaws franchise, a movie series that centers around a group of friends, is an iconic franchise in pop culture.

Its not only an inspiration for countless films, it also holds a special place in popular culture.

So when it came to creating a villain for the movie, it was important to not only give Jaws the same dark, twisted reputation as its predecessor, but to make him seem just as horrific as the film’s villain, a.k.a.


To that end, the film crew set about creating a film that could accurately portray the monster.

“It’s a great opportunity to show how much the film has evolved over the years,” said director David O. Russell, who co-wrote the script with his brother, director Paul.

“We tried to create something that’s a little bit different from Jaws.

It’s not just the same kind of monster, but the same old kind of creature.

But there’s a difference between Jaws and this monster, because it’s a completely different animal.”

To make the new monster, Russell and his crew enlisted a team of experienced visual effects artists, including some that have worked on some of the best films of the past decade.

One of those artists, Ryan Pimentel, had worked on Jaws, and the two had some interesting discussions about how to make the film better.

Russell told IGN, “We started with some ideas and then Ryan and I talked about a few different approaches.

Ryan wanted to make a new creature, but we had some very specific ideas, and I had this idea that it needed to be more of a human and not an animal.”

The creature that was chosen as the new Jaws was inspired by a character in the comic book The Last Laugh that was created by writer and artist Brian Bolland.

It had long black hair and wore a mask, with the mask concealing a smile that was the hallmark of the Joker.

Pimentels and his team took the Joker’s mask and turned it into a new beast.

They then combined it with a red, yellow, and black mask, and used a green eye-patch that would make it look like Jaws’s mask was the same color.

The team also used a new mask, made of green cloth, to mask the Jaws face, giving it a look that would match the original Jaws mask.

The new JAWs mask was made of a fabric that mimicked the mask, giving him a more human-like appearance.

The new Jaw also had an orange eye-piece that would blend into the mask.

The entire costume was made out of a polyester material that would allow the actor to breathe underwater and allow the actors to move freely.

Pimentels said he was impressed with the new creation, and it was one of the things that made him feel comfortable about the project.

“It was such a unique look, so it gave us an opportunity to go back to a very classic style, which is very much the aesthetic we’ve come to expect from the JAW series,” he said.

“There’s no reason to make this look like the original one, so we were excited about that.”

The movie will begin shooting in August 2019, with Jaws set to hit theaters in November 2019.

Watch the first trailer for The Judge below.

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