Why is a judge in Dublin so tough?

The judge in a Dublin court is making the toughest sentencing ever for a drug trafficker.

Judge Michael Collins told the court the defendant was a dangerous man who was intent on killing people and that his plan was to travel the world and kill as many people as he could.

He also said the defendant had been “in and out of trouble with the law” and that he was being supervised by police.

In a statement to The Irish Examiner, the Department of Justice said: “We were made aware of the seriousness of the defendant’s offence, and the seriousness and urgency of his sentencing by the Irish authorities.”

The sentencing will take place in the Court of Appeal at the end of March.

“It added: “The defendant’s sentence is subject to a number of conditions, including his compliance with all conditions of the supervision order, including compliance with any terms of the order and any terms imposed by the court in relation to his supervision order.

“It is the Court’s duty to exercise due diligence in considering any application for an order under the supervision orders.”

It also said that the sentence will be subject to review by the Minister for Justice.

The judge, who is now retired, said that in order to ensure that the victim of the crime, his wife and their four children were taken care of, the defendant would have to live off the taxpayer and work in the city.

The Irish Examiner understands that the court was considering the possibility of an interim order in relation a previous offence in relation with the defendant and the defendant will be sentenced under that.

The victim’s family were represented by lawyer Martin O’Sullivan.

Judge Collins said that there was a strong likelihood that the defendant could receive the maximum possible sentence.

He said that as a consequence of his sentence, it is not necessary to consider any further mitigation orders.

The case is being heard at the Court for the Appeal.

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