How to judge other judges

Judge Judy may be retiring from the bench but not before getting a bit of advice on how to judge. 

In a video posted on her Instagram page Judge Judy, a judge who has presided over a number of high profile cases including the trial of a man accused of murdering his ex-wife, shared a video she filmed while sitting in a courtroom with her colleagues. 

The video shows Judge Judy as she sits in front of a group of judges, including the chief justice of the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, who is sitting next to her in the courtroom. 

Judy sits next to a judge in the court of appeals while she is sitting in the public gallery of a court room in New York City in this December 8, 2017 file photo. 

‘Judge Judy is not the judge’Judy says she has a special relationship with judges and judges have a special role in the system. 

“I really believe that judges have that special responsibility to look out for the people, the people that they judge and the people who they serve,” she says.

“The best judge can do that is judge on their own terms and be able to look at the whole picture and make a decision based on the evidence.”

But I think there are other people that can judge more effectively and do it better and I think that’s a responsibility that we all share.

“Judy, who was first nominated to the court in 1983, has presided in more than 100 divorce cases and has presided at more than 40 high-profile cases, including those involving murder and child custody disputes.

She was first appointed to the bench in 1993. 

She was a judge on the US District Court for the Eastern District of New York in Manhattan before becoming a judge of the New York Court of Appeal in 1994.

Judy has been on the court since 1997 and the court has presided on many high-level cases including child custody and homicide cases.

Judgment of the court is made by a jury, who are composed of four people who are not judges.

In the video Judge Judy asks the judges in front her to judge her as they are sitting in front. 

After being shown the video, Judge Judy says, “It is hard to believe that there is one person in this courtroom that knows how to do justice and make the best decisions.

“The jury has been sitting in there for two and a half years and I just think the jury should know the difference between justice and the courts.

Judy asks judges to judge and she tells them what the evidence is, how it was presented and what is at stake in the case.

Judge Judy then explains what the difference is between being a judge and being a lawyer.”

I’m a judge, I’m not a lawyer and I’m a jury member, I know what the facts are, but I’m just going to judge,” she tells the judges.”

In this courtroom, there is no lawyer or judge, but there is a judge.

The jury is in there and they’re listening to the facts and hearing what is presented and they should make the right decision based upon that.

There is no judge or judge but there are two.

“Judys comments came after a number in the justice system took to social media to express their concern about Judge Judy’s retirement. 

Justice David Wainstein, the chief judge of New Jersey’s Superior Court, wrote on Twitter: “I am saddened to learn that Judge Judy is retiring, but not without a fight.

I have always believed she would be an effective and impartial judge, and I continue to admire her work.

However, as an experienced trial lawyer and prosecutor, I would urge her to stay on the bench, and to do so while remaining a strong advocate for our criminal justice system.” 

New Jersey State Senator Tom Kean, a Democrat, tweeted: “Judy Judy is one of the greatest judges in the history of the country.

She has been the longest serving judge on a U.S. court.

While I admire her, I cannot support her retirement.” 

In her statement to the US Congress, Judge Judith said she felt she had to take up the challenge because “I’ve got to defend my country, my family and myself against the onslaught of an unbridled media circus.

This is a dangerous time.

“Judge Judy will be retiring in 2020 and she will not be the first judge to step down after retiring. 

Former California Superior Court Judge Richard Rojas retired in 2011. 

Judge Judith has not been shy about speaking her mind.

In a 2011 interview with the BBC, she said: “There is not a judge that I know of who hasn’t done something that has affected them deeply. 

It’s a tough time.

In my heart I feel that I have to defend myself.

We have to stay focused and not let the media or politicians do anything to change that.”  

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