What do the judges think of the Merseyside derby?

It is the derby of the century.

Merseysiders can look forward to a repeat of the frenetic moments between Liverpool and Everton in 2010 when they won 2-1 and the derby will return for the first time in nearly 40 years when Everton meet Liverpool at Anfield.

In a derby with a long history, the Mersey derby is also the derby where a player is in competition with the best in the world.

It has been called the greatest match of all time by former Chelsea defender and England international Gary Lineker, and also by former Manchester United captain Gary Neville.

The game is also full of moments of great physicality.

There were a number of occasions when two players, one from the opposing team and one from their own, fought each other with the intent of causing a collision.

This was the case when a Liverpool defender, Kevin Nolan, was sent off by referee Mike Dean for a high tackle on Everton defender Kevin Mirallas, during a 2-0 win in the FA Cup fourth round in 2008.

Nolan was sent to the stands after the incident, but he was later cleared of the foul by referee Steve McClaren, who ruled he was the aggressor.

When a Liverpool player has a chance to fight with his own player, he will often take the opportunity to go for the ball.

A player like Mirallas will often come to him for a tackle, and if they are both on the ground, they will often try to go at each other, although there will be some pauses between them, because the players know they are outnumbered.

The Mersey Derby is also known for the rivalry between Merseysides players.

When they meet, it is like a rivalry between the two teams of Merseysians.

Both teams have a high-level of physicality and the Merseks will always be ready for a fight.

There have been two occasions when Liverpool have come up against Everton players.

The first was the Merston derby, a 3-1 defeat for Everton in 1995, when Liverpool came from behind to beat the Mermans 3-0.

The second was the match between Liverpool’s Merseysider brothers, the Rosses, against Chelsea, who won 2.5-1.

The Rosses came from the back to take the lead, but Liverpool managed to win the game in extra time, as they did at Wembley in 1999.

This match was also the match in which the referee decided to award a penalty kick to Liverpool in a 2.0-1 win for Liverpool.

Liverpool were given the penalty kick by the referee, because Merseysire fans were protesting the decision of referee Mike Taylor to award the penalty, and they also won the penalty by two goals to 2-2.

The first Merston Derby was in the 1950s, and the second Merston has been played since 1994.

In the early days of the game, the referee was known as a “tough-tackler”.

He would try to punish players for roughing up opponents.

But nowadays, the rules are different.

Now the referee has to make the decisions based on the physical strength of the players.

In the 1950-55 Merston, the players had to fight to get the ball, and when they had to battle for it, it was quite a physical contest.

This is what happens in the Merneys derby.

It is not a fight between two players but a brawl between two teams.

It takes place when a player from the opponent team has a good opportunity to score a goal, but is unable to do so, because he is unable get his hand on the ball and is therefore unable to fight.

It also takes place in the 1990s when the referee did not give the penalty.

This referee, Mike Taylor, was a tough-tackspuncher, and he is now the referee of Merston.

It was he who awarded the penalty against Everton when the Rossys had the ball in the second half, but the penalty was not awarded because the referee had decided to allow the Rossies to take a free kick.

When the Rossi side have possession of the ball during a Merston goal, they try to use it to make an advantage of the space in front of them.

This means they are looking to get as much space as possible in front to make a counterattack.

If they have enough space, the Everton players will try to take it in a more direct fashion.

The referee has a lot of experience and a lot knowledge about the Merthams game.

He is not only a tough tackler, he also understands the rules.

The referee has the right to decide when to award penalties and how to award them.

He also has the power to award extra time if he feels the Merths are not making enough progress.

There is no room for debate about who is the best player in Merseysided football.

That is why the referee is always right, and is the only one who can decide the outcome of the match.

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