Which federal judge you want to be next?

Judge Jerome Hoffman is the only current member of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit to have been appointed by President Barack Obama.

He served as a judge on the U,S.

District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and on the 4th U.N. Security Council.

He’s currently on the bench in Richmond.

He’s been called a “brilliant jurist” by the New York Times.

Here are some of his top legal accomplishments:Hoffman was born in 1949 in West Virginia, and he graduated from Columbia Law School in 1962.

He then went on to become a lawyer and judge.

He was confirmed by the Senate in 1988 and served until 2002, when he left the bench.

He has also been a judge for the District of Columbia, the U., and the 5st Circuit.

He was nominated by President Ronald Reagan to the U .


Supreme Court in 1986, and served the next six years.

He retired from the bench last year.

He is currently a partner at the law firm of Perkins Coie, where he was previously the general counsel.

He previously worked at the U of T and Stanford University.

He taught law at Columbia University and Georgetown University Law School.

Hoffmann is the son of a judge and a lawyer.

He grew up in West Virgina, and attended high school at a private school.

He also played football and basketball at West Virginia University.

In addition to being a judge, Hoffmann has a degree from Columbia University Law, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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