Which judge is the most hated?

The 2018-2019 season has seen a surge in hatred directed at Judge Amy Barrett, who has faced criticism for her handling of sexual assault cases.

The episode “Judge Amy” is an examination of Barrett’s response to allegations against former president Donald Trump.

Barrett was appointed by Trump to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York, but the claims were later dropped.

The show has also been criticized for its lack of impartiality, particularly in the case of Barret’s decision to appoint two of the men she accused of sexual harassment to the bench.

“Judy,” which premieres on Monday, explores Barrett and her work as a judge, which she has called a “toxic mix” of politics and personal loyalty.

She also defended her handling, in which she fired two of her colleagues in retaliation for the resignations of another and two others who she claimed were acting inappropriately.

“I’ve been called the Judge of the Year,” Barrett told the Los Angeles Times in March.

“And I know I am, and I do not deserve that.

The jury’s still out.”

“Judge” is the latest episode to focus on Barrett.

The next episode, titled “Judge: The Untold Story,” will explore Barrett as a prosecutor in the Paula Jones case.

And on Thursday, “Judge Megyn Kelly” will revisit the case.

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